Dr.McGladdery’s – Straight up Information About Boil Treatment:

Boil Treatment “Dr.McGladdery” Video Notes:

  • You can care for a single small boil yourself
  • Soak the boil in warm salt water
  • Apply a warm wash cloth or compress over the boil
  • Wash boil 2 to 3 times a day
  • After washing; Apply over the counter antibiotic ointment with a bandage
  • Never squeeze or lance a boil because this can spread infection
  • Wash hands after you treated the boil to prevent boil outbreaks

Seek Medical Attention For Boils When:

  • Boils on Face or spine
  • Boils that don’t heal or get large rapidly
  • Boils accompanied by fever
  • Getting frequent boils outbreaks


Dr. Pancholo –  Dermatologist On Treatment Of boils

Boil Treatment “Dr. Pancholo” Video Notes:

  • Everyone has bacteria growing on your skin
  • During Periods of low immunity & Stress the bacteria multiplies excessively

Types of Boils:

  • Furuncle- Associated with fever and chills
  • Cystic- Common of the face(acne)
  • Pilonidal cyst- Occurs on the buttock

Boil Treatment Tips:
Take an antiseptic bath (Meaning a bath with “dettol antiseptic” in it)
Use anti-bacteria soap

Some people are carriers of the bacteria:

  • Being a carrier mean you can get reoccurring boils
  • You May have some (staph) bacteria in your nose

Nasal Carrier Treatment:

  • Get antibiotic ointment & apply it into the nose 2x a day for 2 weeks
  • Primary treatment for boils is heat application with hot soaks or packs  (Heat brings more anti-bodies to the area and help fight off he infection)



Our Treatment For Boils Webinar -Quick 7 Min Seminar On What To Do About Boils & How they Are Caused & Best Medicine For Outbreaks.

Boil Treatment “Webinar” Video Notes:

  • Boil outbreaks are not uncommon & anyone can get a boil
  • Most boils can be treated safely at home
  • A boil is a bacteria infection not a virus,  typically from staph bacteria, &  is curable.

Tips for Boil Treatment Include:

  • Keeping the boil clean
  • Keeping the boil warm
  • Use anti-bacteria soap – antibiotic ointment – or antiseptic

Do Not Rely on External Boil Treatment Alone:

  • All Natural Medication has been developed for boil treatment
  • It is better to not rely on external treatment for boils alone and to take a medication
  • BoilX is a quality form of boil treatment and is a highly recommended boil treatment medicine

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