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Boil Treatment: Boil-X quickly boosts the immune system and combats the bacterial infection which causes boils. And is designed to reduce swelling and symptoms and speeds up healing for fast recovery. Boil-X works quickly to halt and reduce inflammation which is vital for keeping  the boil infection from spreading. By decreasing the size of the boil infection Boil-X boil treatment helps prevent scarring and reduces the chance of further outbreaks. Boil-X boil treatment is guaranteed to aid in the reduction of a boil outbreak within 2 or 3 days, and heals mild outbreaks of boils typically within one week. (Check out the testimonials: We have great feedback from all over the world.)

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“Boils are unsightly in appearance and most people just can’t wait until they are gone!”

Boil Outbreak Treatment If you are here for the following reasons you are in the right place:

  • You, a friend, or a family member is suffering a boil outbreak.
  • You have a boil maturing on your body and it is becoming tender, painful, and irritating.
  • You are suffering from a boil & want to know what to do about it.
  • If you are here to learn what getting a boil can mean for you or someone else.
  • You don’t know much about boils and want to know what the dangers are.
  • You want to know everything about boil treatment.

So what are the dangers if someone suffers from a boil that goes untreated?

  • Scaring after a boil ruptures without boil treatment or due to being prematurely opened.
  • A boil growing to excessive size (Which may require invasive surgical treatment by a doctor)
  • A boil being excessively painful disallowing one to be able to go to work & complete daily tasks.
  • The possibility of spreading the infection to others.
  • The possibility of spread the infection to other parts of the body
  • The skin around the boil becoming excessively hard and tender, irritating to minor touch or contact.
  • Excessively long healing time & possible scaring.
  • The possible need of surgery. (Especially when boils gets too big) or (Occurs under the armpits areas due to an infected sweat gland. These instances are rare.)

Yes There Is Life After Boils! If You Are Suffering From One, We Know You Can’t Wait To Get There!

  • Living boil outbreak free is a liberating feeling once you have gone through the healing process of a boil outbreak.
  • After a few new boil treatment tips and proper boil relief medication, healing and treating a boil has become a lot easier.
  • Relief from the itchiness, tenderness & soreness is the most common motivation for people to seek treatment for boils.
  • You don’t have to worry about scaring if you decrease the intensity of the boil with oral medication.
  • The boil treatment tips you are going to learn here will certainly make healing from a boil outbreak a much more forgiving experience.

Home Boil Treatment Tips And Bacteria Fighting Battle Plan:

  • Apply a warm to hot wash cloth or compress over the boil (This helps draw out the boil so it can drain and relieves pain and swelling.)
  • Note: Heat brings circulation to the boil area, which brings nutrients and antibodies to the area to help fight the infection. And relieves inflammation.
  • Wash boil 2 to 3 times a day with anti-bacteria soap (Keeping the boil clean of bacteria is important)
  • After washing; Apply over the counter antibiotic ointment with a bandage (If bandage causes too much irritation, just use the ointment)
  • Never squeeze or lance a boil because this can spread infection. (This had proven time and again to be ineffective as a boil treatment.)
  • Wash hands after you treated the boil to prevent more boil outbreaks to others or other parts of the body
  • Don’t rely on External Boil Treatment alone, trying an oral boil relief medication like BoilX to ease pain & swelling, prevent complications, & half healing time.
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Doctor Recommended Boil Treatment Tip: Take an anti-septic bath. (You can do this by drawing bath water in a tub and adding some liquid antiseptic like “dettol”  which you can get at your local pharmacy like Rite Aid or CVS.) (Note: To see the doctor Dr. Pancholo recommend this great boil treatment tip check out our video’s page.)

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“Suffering from a boil outbreak? We know it can be a frightening and traumatic experience as most people know little about them.”

Here are some things that you should know.

There is not much in the way of an over the counter medication for boil outbreaks and of those few they are usually for external use only:

  • Anti-septic ointments are great to keep the infection from spreading, but to speed up healing oral medication is best for the fastest and most effective relief of boil symptoms, pain, & reduces the size of a boil.
  • The best relief from pain comes from a hot heat compress over the boil and proper oral medication to ease the severity of the boil and to combat the symptoms of the boil until the body successfully heals from the infection.

It is not uncommon for boil suffers to hide their outbreaks due to the negative reactions of their peers. THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW FIRST.

  • A “Boil” is not a virus; it is simply a bacterial infection. Usually when a hair follicle gets infected by contact with a particular bacterium called Staph bacteria.
  • Getting a boil is not your fault, anyone can come into contact with staph bacteria, and anyone can suffer an outbreak.
  • Carriers of staph bacteria may not even know they have it, as they can show no symptoms at all but still can transmit the bacteria to others.
  • Staph bacteria can grow in the nasal cavity, & can be tested for and cured with antibiotic ointments for the nose.
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Finally getting a boil outbreak is totally curable when treated properly & early can be healed in less than 2 weeks’ time.

BoilX – Defense Against Staph Bacteria.

  • Besides cleanliness, BoilX is the last line of defense against boil causing staph bacteria.
  • Not only treats boil symptoms but relieves pain, boosts immune function, and helps prevent boil outbreaks.
  • BoilX is All Natural Medication and boil treatment that is great preventive medicine for you & your loved ones & friends.

Imagine what life would be like to finally have healthy skin again and started living boil and pain free?

  • It’s possible to treat a boil in your own home
  • New medication makes it possible to relive the pain, soreness, & swelling of a boil fast & effectively

Now we have far better medications than we had just a short few years ago, and tons better than we have a decade ago. BoilX has had its formula upgraded and refined over the years by the ALL NATURAL PRODUCTS MEDICAL ASSOCIATION and has become one of the most effective treatments and relief for boil outbreaks on the market today.

It now possible to see a difference and reduction in size of a boil in just a few days of treatment.

The relief from the itching, tenderness, and unbearable pain that can be associated with boil outbreaks has been BoilX’s primary mission to eliminate and heal.  And according to our many testimonials and happy customers have been very successful in achieving that goal with this favorite boil treatment.

BoilX boil treatment medicine is an easy and cost effective solution to boil outbreaks, and is defiantly something everyone suffering from a boil outbreak should use.

In less than 2 short weeks you can be living with healthy skin and be totally boil free. Typical results in boil reduction can occur in as little as two days time. You owe it to yourself to get started today.

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Unlike other boil treatment products, Boilx treats the infection internally where the real battle is being fought. Right in the infected area of the boil outbreak, BoilX’s unique approach combines a variety of powerful ingredients all of which have been tailor designed to treat and relieve a variety of symptoms and problems associated with boil outbreaks. Relieving pain, reducing the size of the boil, boosting immune function, and significantly decreasing healing time it takes to recover from a boil. You just can’t get that from topically treating a boil infection, and doing both has yielded some amazing results.

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What is a Boil? And How does one go about Boil Treatment?
A boil is simply a skin abscess, which usually takes place when a hair follicle or sweat gland becomes filled with bacteria and gets infected. Staph Bacteria is usually the primary culprit when it comes to boils and is known as a Staph infection. Staph being the short name for Staphylococcus bacteria.

Staph Bacteria Infects The Hair Follicle Which Is the Most Common Cause Of Boils

Staph Bacteria Sometimes Finds Its Way Into A Hair Follicle Causing A Boil Outbreak

Staph bacteria can sometimes grow in the nasal cavity and the carrier most times shows no symptoms  but can still transfer the bacteria and has been known a common way the bacteria is spread and causes boil outbreaks.

The body is vulnerable to staph bacteria when it comes in contact with open areas of the skin or by attaching to hair follicles and eventually infecting the hair follicle pour in the skin. Splinters, and ingrown hair, or foreign object becomes stuck in or through the skin.

When an infection takes place as a tender red spot which becomes firmer and tender over time and eventually forms a white head or painful bump. By this time the body has sent white blood cells to fight the infection which contributes to the development of pus which the white head will eventually open and drain from the body.

For successful boil treatment a strong anti-inflammatory like Boil-X is needed. Anthracinum is recommended to treat the pain and soreness which helps keep one from disturbing the boil. “Liver of Sulphur” has been used to treat skin abscesses before they open, reducing pain, itch and swelling. All these ingredients and more are used in Boil-X boil treatment medicine. You will want to de-stress and take supplements to boost your immune function and at all costs keep the area clean. Apply warmth to the infected area like warm water or a hot towel to help draw out the boil and reduce swelling and will help in draining the boil.

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“There are a lot of myths about boils and tons of ineffective home remedies that do nothing to treat and help the healing process of a boil outbreak. Some of these myths and remedies and bogus kinds of boil treatments that can make outbreaks far worse, or worse yet cause the spread of more staph bacteria which can cause further outbreaks.”

Boil Treatment Myths:

  • Mud and Salt Cure: Never mix mud and salt water and use it to cover a boil, it does nothing to dye out or help the boil outbreak. It will just irritate the boil and make the infection worse. (The absolute worse boil treatment myth I’ve heard to date! …Almost.)
  • Squeezing a boil: Do not lance or squeeze (or try to pop a boil head) this can make the infection worse, and spread the staph bacteria to other areas which can cause further outbreaks.  (See Dr. McGladdery on our video page who says never prematurely open a boil. It will rupture and drain naturally.)
  • Boils are highly contagious: Clean, treated, and well-kept boils are not highly contagious.  Coming into contact with a boil or staph bacteria needs only to be thoroughly washed & preferably with anti-bacteria soap.
  • Boils means someone’s diseased. Again a boil is an infection, the body’s reaction to staph bacteria, and is not a virus or disease. And are fully recoverable and curable.
  • Boil suffers should be feared and shunned: There is nothing wrong with people suffering from an outbreak; anyone can come down with a boil and recover from one.
  • In the 19th early century, it was rumored boils came from eating meat from animals that died of pneumonia. 
  • It was believed that you could get a boil if you worked with horses a lot. Totally Untrue! We Love Horses!
  • It was believed boils came from impurities in the blood which sparked a ton of early blood purifier tonics. Boils are a skin infection, involving a sweat or hair follicle pour and nothing directly involved with blood or impurities.
  • Bee Sting Venom was believed to be a cure for boils. (Funny to watch, but not exact fun to do. And…doesn’t work.)
  • Moldy Cheese was used as a boil treatment. This one isn’t actually a myth, Egyptians, the Chinese, and old Europe used mold of some kind as an early form of penicillin. Though we are not sure of the effectiveness applied topically, there may be scientific merits to this one.

I’m not sure you would fancy taking a few bee stings or sticking bits of moldy cheese on your boil, you might prefer looking at some of our more up-to-date remedies and advice for curing boils on this site.

No Need to Suffer, As Proper Boil Treatment Methods & Oral BoilX Medication Can Go A Long Way In Providing Boil Relief.  Checkout The BoilX Website For More Info

We have heard a lot of frustrating and angry stories that have come from experiencing a boil outbreak. Like it or not boil outbreaks are not just physical problems, they affect us in a variety of ways. We have heard them all! lol

  • Does it frustrate you that healing time is still slow after you have done everything you can to externally treat your boil infection? Is the irritating soreness & pain still persisting?
  • Does it make you furious that after a doctor visit you were told to just keep the boil clean and wait for it to heal? You need a medication to speed up healing time, and minimize the severity of the boil to prevent scarring and as well as relieve the irritating pain that comes with developing boil outbreak.
  • Do you feel paralyzed by fear of trying to conceal a boil outbreak from others or find it too painful to cover up the boil to with bandages?
  • Does your ego get clobbered whenever a new person asks about your boil outbreak?

Thankfully we don’t have to endure these frustrations any longer. We created this website so that regardless of people’s intentions, disposition, or who was infected with a boil outbreak people could get and have real help available to them. Basic boil treatments are very simple and free! And we have real medications now to get rid of a boil problem that we didn’t have before.

  • Imagine what life would be like to finally have healthy skin again and start living boil and pain free?
  • How would you like to suppress and relieve the pain, sensitivity, and tenderness that boils bring on and halve your healing time in the process?
  • What would it mean if you decided to get the best medication available to jumpstart the healing process on the inside? Would that make your life better today?

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Taking BoilX is good medicine: (The secret is knowing what your taking & why it works.)

  • Anthracinum : Used to fight Boils eruptions and boil-like  Infections.
  • Wild Indigo:  Strengthens the body’s natural resistance to infection and used to ease the pain and soreness often related to boils.
  • Calcarea Picrica: Especially effective once a boil has come to a head & particularly useful for boils that form in the ear canal, and significantly reduces pain and fatigue.
  • Purple Cone Flower:   Works to calm Intense itching and burning of the skin. This root is used to treat blood-poisoning, carbuncles, and septic wounds.
  • “Liver of Sulphur”  is particularly useful when a person develops extreme skin sensitivity. And seems to act on abscesses before they open, reducing pain, itching and swelling and inflammation.
  • Mercurius Corrosivus:  is a powerful disinfectant that acts on many kinds of skin infections with burning and redness.
  • Pyrogenium:  is used to treat skin abscesses, bed-sores, dysentery, and fevers.

Natural Boil Relief ProductFast Acting Medication For Boils

“History of Boils & Where Our Fear Comes From?”

There are many places in history where boils creep up and inspire fear all across the world. Many stories, some ancient home boil treatment remedies, & infamous historical events which all shaped our perception of what a boil is and what getting one may mean.

Remedies from times past:

Egyptians use a certain kind of mold covered bread as a remedy to for boil relief. Which many scientists believe to be an early form of penicillin. (Which would be an anti-biotic to fight the infection) Even in parts of Europe people much later used moldy cheese or bead to topically treat boil outbreaks. The Chinese of old used mold that grew on soya beans for boil treatment and boil like infections as well.

The Great Plague Know As “The Black Death”

Back in the Middle Ages people were terrified of boils, as seeing a black boil was a sign that you had the plague. The great plague spread across Asia to Europe around the 1300’s and destroyed a 3rd of the population. Even just a few hundred years ago another boil infested plague hit London in the 1800’s and it’s surrounding areas. Africa too suffered a Boil Epidemic that may have resulted from plague. To this day seeing a boil inspires fear and mistrust that was first brought on by the various epidemics of times past.

Boils have been often thought to be sin-ominous with death.  Which is why people today have such a strong emotional reaction to seeing one or when suffering from a boil outbreak.

The good news is it’s not the 13 or 1800’s anymore. People by and large across the world have far greater hygiene, cleanliness, & medical treatments which keeps us safe. Now boils are nearly always a simple result of an infected hair follicle that was caused by coming into contact with staph bacteria and can be safely treated in the comfort of your own home.

And getting a boil DOES NOT mean you have gotten the plague. It just means you have to get smart about boil treatment and prevention techniques.

Today boils can be healed in less than two weeks with proven doctor approved home boil treatment tips and proper oral medication to increase and speed up the healing and recover period.

“There is no reason to be frightened when seeing or experiencing a boil outbreak. They are far more common than people know.  Boils are not a virus or a disease…they come from an infection in the skin which is fully and completely treatable. ”

PS…Seeing a black boil back in the Middle Ages is totally different than seeing a normal white one today. Still the fear that existed in those times seems to be no less real today, we feel it is important to understand where these fears come from so we can overcome them through education and modern treatment.

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