What is the treatment for a boil?

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Treating a boil in the comfort of your own home is the most common way for most people who experience and outbreak. You should treat a boil as soon as humanly possible with warm water, a hot towel, and by keeping the boil as clean as you can as described in other places on this website.

BoilX is also highly recommended as it accelerates the healing process, and aids in combating the symptoms of the boil which reduces the likelihood of scaring, relieves the tenderness and pain associated with a boil, and eliminates or reduces the irritation which causes many to scratch or upset the boil. Disturbing the boils is the most common way to increase infection and has in some cases lead to mild scaring.

Home remedies for boils all include applying heat to the infected area. Hot baths, or topical heating packs, and hot or warm wet towels are typically used to soak and draw out the boil. Increasing the circulation too the infected boil helps your immune system fight off the infection by bringing nutrients and the body’s immune defenses to the infected area.

If the boil is small and has yet to form the white head and feels hard or firm to the touch it is not recommended to aid or try to assist the boil in draining. And doing so can lead to further infection and possibly scaring. Boilx is the only assistance that can lessen the symptoms of the boil at this stage as other than keeping the area clean and keeping your immune system healthy it would be best recommended to wait until boils forms the white head as bacteria invites the white blood cells combat the infection which combined with protein make the pus that fills the white head of the boil. After this is formed hot soaking the boil can draw the boil out and help it drain from the body.

During this time you want to make sure you keep the area clean, and especially when using hot packs as the heat combined with sweat makes a breeding ground for bacteria which is what we are trying to prevent. Heating pads are ok, just be sure to clean the area of infection (the boil) after use.  Use a wet towel or bath is warm to hot water to drain as well as keep the area clean and bacteria free.

There are times a boil gets out of hand and grows to a size where it must be drained surgically by a doctor, typically in cases where multiple boil infections form close together and each must be individually drained.

Antibiotics are often prescribed for boils but they are not needed in all cases and do not be angry at your doctor if he feels you condition is mild enough to not warrant antibiotics. Bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics if not taken as perceived, so if your doctor prescribes them to you make sure to take them as directed and for the entire duration of the prescription so we don’t create some super bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics.



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